Forest Survey of India (FSI)

Forest Survey of India (FSI), is an important national organisation responsible for the assessment and monitoring of the forest resources of the country regularly. It also provides services in training, research and extension.  Established on June 1,1981, the Forest Survey of India succeeded a project initiated in 1965 titled the "Preinvestment Survey of Forest Resources" (PISFR), the main objective of which was to ascertain the availability of raw material for establishment of wood based industries in selected areas of the country. 

Objectives of Forest Survey of India

  • To prepare State of Forest Report biennially, providing assessment of latest forest cover in the country and monitoring changes in these.
  • To conduct inventory in forest and non-forest areas and develop database on forest tree resources.
  • To prepare thematic maps on 1:50,000 scale, using aerial photographs.
  • To function as a nodal agency for collection, compilation, storage and dissemination of spatial database on forest resources.
  • To conduct training of forestry personnel in application of technologies related to resources survey, remote sensing, GIS, etc.
  • To strengthen research & development infrastructure in FSI and to conduct research on applied forest survey techniques.
  • To support State/UT Forest Departments (SFD) in forest resources survey, mapping and inventory.
  • To undertake forestry related special studies/consultancies and custom made training courses for SFD's and other organisations on project basis.

Activities of Forest Survey of India

  • Forest Cover Assessment
  • Inventory of Forest areas.
  • Thematic Maps.
  • Inventory of Trees Outside Forests (Rural & Urban).
  • Inventory data processing.
  • Methodology Design.
  • Training and Extension.
  • Projects and Consultancies.

Training Courses in Forest Survey of India 

Realization of importance of Human Resource Development in general and technical skill for forest resources assessment in particular led to the creation of training unit in 1981. With the advancement in the information technology, GIS and GPS technologies, the states are in need of officers working at different levels to develop appreciation and practical knowledge of use of these subjects in the field of forest resource management.

Contact Details

Forest Survey of India 
Kaulagarh Road,
P.O. IPE Dehradun - 248195
Uttarakhand (India)

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