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Agriculture Education in Uttarakhand

Agriculture in India employs the largest number of people but is still underdeveloped sector. Mostly unskilled labour with very little training are engaged in agricultural employment. Educated, trained and even professionally educated workforce is the need of the day for agricultural economy of India. Uttarakhand is no exception. Educated and skilled agricultural labourers are also needed even in Uttarakhand. Realising the importace many students opt for agricultural courses in Uttarakhand. 

Slowly but steadily, professionalism is making its presence felt in agriculture sector of India. Prospects of agricultural scientists and educated agriculturists are increasing, and a good number of universities are offering courses in B.Sc Agriculture and postgraduate course of M.Sc with various agricultural specializations like horticulture, forestry, marine fisheries, inland fisheries, sericulture, apiculture (bee keeping) aquaculture, tissue culture, plant breeding, plant biotechnology, environment management, irrigation, soil quality management, etc. 

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